Cyber Security Services


GDPR – our multidisciplinary team of experts in cyber security and data privacy, change managers, lawyers and business managers can help you understand the impact of the GDPR on your company, prepare a compliance action plan that will consider all the aspects: legal, human, process, business, technological and generate value for your business.

Awareness & Training:

– Create awareness

– Communicate to the employees the importance and objectives of the GDPR

– Lead training sessions

High level assessment:

– Categorize personal data

– Produce mapping of data flows

– Review contracts & privacy policy

– Assess IT security

Compliance project:

– Conduct detailed Assessment

– Design process Improvements

– Implement measures and controls (IT, people, technology, legal)

DPO (Data Protection Officer) as a service:

– Collect information to identify processing activities

– Analyze and check compliance of any processing activities

– Inform, advise and issue recommendations