Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Platinum

Cyber Security Platinum – expert consulting services that helps you to protect your business whatever size you are. We start all of our engagements by understanding your business and then customize our services to your specific needs.

The Cyber Security Platinum service is designed for medium to large sized organisations that feel that they don’t know where to start with security and need some guidance on how to improve their security posture. We use a mixture of technical and non-technical assessments to gauge the state of your security (incl. ISO27001, NIST, Cobit, GDPR, OWASP).

The technical security assessment reviews the following aspects of your security:
– Desktop & End points data security
– Network security
– Advanced threat prevention
– Remote access VPN
– Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
– Secure configuration
– Access control incl. privileged access management (PAM), Identity Access management (IAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA)
– Malware protection
– Patch management
– Secure Coding

The deliverables include:
– A detailed report of the findings and the actions to implement to improve security and decrease the risk
– A security maturity model that will help you to track the benefits and the risk reduction
– A roadmap with a set of security milestones to follow to improve your security short term and longer term based on your priorities, budget and risk-appetite.

We will provide all the support that you need to meet these milestones.